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       VESELA.MD is a wholesale warehouse, where you can buy any product both wholesale and retail. In the exhibition hall of the store or via the VESELA.MD online website, you can find a wide range of quality products at the most advantageous price. Our products are cost-effective for wholesale buyers, due to the optimal matching between quality and price.  We are pleased with an advantageous and long-lasting collaboration.


"ANGRO Client" may become any legal entity resident in the Republic of Moldova as it is:

 Wholesale warehouses, commercial networks, companies in the catering and hotel system, state enterprises, offices, e.t.c.



 -”ANGRO client” offers the possibility of purchasing the goods at special "wholesale" prices depending on the quantity of the product

 - ” ANGRO client” receives access to the wholesale price information system directly from the web: www.vesela.md;

 - ”ANGRO client ” allows you to place and place your orders directly through the web page: www.vesela.md;



  Our company is working with an open price policy system. The main criterion for price determination when we collaborate with customers is the volume of purchased goods .
Thus, discount is possible even at first order! 

Retail price - price offered for any product in quantity from 1 piece to one box


Wholesale price level 1 - price offered for any product in quantity from 1 box up to 3 boxes


Wholesale price level 2 - price offered for any product in quantity from 3 boxes


We look forward to welcoming you at www.vesela.md

Regards, ”Carolina” S.R.L !