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                                           Payment Methods

You can choose one of the following payment methods:

1. Cash on delivery

Payment in cash is made full in lei (MDL), upon delivery or at picking up products from the VESELA.MD store .

2. Online via Bank Card .

You can make your payment online with your personal card or business card, completely safe. Accepted cards are VISA and MASTERCARD. Payment is based on a secure online transaction processing system that offers privacy, security and simplicity in purchasing products through the Internet. Card processing is done exclusively through the bank, our store does not request or store any details about your card.

3. Bank Transfer 

Payment can be made by transferring directly to our bank account using the IBAN code shown below. The bank transaction is made on the basis of your payment account. Your order can only be lifted after the transaction is confirmed and the money has been entered into our account.



c/f 1003604006442


IBAN: MD30AG000000022512403734


Banc: BC'MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK'SA fil.nr.32 Chisinau


Codul bancii: AGRNMD2X493