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                                      "Carolina" LLC company thanks you for your loyalty!


For our customers we have developed a cumulative discount system that offers to discount card's owners the opportunity to enjoy discounts in our company's stores:

Store and wholesale store "VESELA.MD" - 58 Puskin str., Mun.Chisinau

”Perla” store  - Puskin 56/1, Chisinau

Discounts are based on the results of total purchases according to this rating: 


                               from 2000 lei - 5 %

                             from 25000 lei - 10 %

                             from 70000 lei - 15 % VIP CARD ( free shipping )

                             from 150000 lei - 20 % Privilege CARD ( free shipping , privileged service ) 




How to get and use a Discount Card (DC)

1.The discount card can only be received by private persons.

2.Make a 2000 lei  purchase and fill out the buyer form. 

3.After opening a new DC, the buyer receives a discount only at the next purchase.

4.The costumer can only get a discount after presenting the Dc before paying for  the product.

5. The discount is not available at low-priced promotions.

6. The terms of the discount card are indefinite.

7.The discount card is not avaible on transfer payment.

8.The DC is valid for cash payment as well as for bank cards.

9.Two or more DCs can not be joined to get a larger discount.